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Who We Are

Providing Everything They Need



To see a unified and dignified Ethiopia, that preserves the sovereignty of the nation while protecting the human rights of all Ethiopians, and allows equal access to resources and opportunities across all regions of the country indiscriminately. 


To work collaboratively with all Pro-Ethiopian individuals, groups and organizations, that stand together to defend the sovereignty of Ethiopia, promote unity of all ethnic groups and fight for the rights of all the people.

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Our Values

Integrity & Honesty 

Passion & Commitment 

Respect & Humility 

Ownership & Accountability 

Diversity & Inclusion

Quality over Quantity

Innovation & Constant Improvement


About Us

etHub was created for the purpose of organising active social advocacy groups and/or organisations into a centralised digital space (hub) that can be used to share information across various networks, provide tools and applications that can optimise our efforts, and control our narrative.​

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